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a GirlBoss’ Legacy

Saturday morning I went to attend the memorial service of one formidable #GirlBoss, Linda Spencer.

Linda Spencer

Beautiful eulogies were given which took us down memory lane, even those memories we were not originally part of. Throughout the entire service one thing was certain, this wonderful lady lived a colorful life with one mission in mind:
to leave a legacy that will inspire others to be excited about life and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Death is inevitable but what makes our life here on earth worthwhile is what we do for others. While I listened to the beautiful words spoken during the memorial service I was inspired to really think about the legacy I want to leave behind and one quote stood out the most.


That is what Linda was to every person she came in contact with. This selfless woman always went out of her way to extend a helping hand and, in return, those lives she touched will forever remember her big heart.

All these quotes resemble what Linda accomplished so beautifully during her lifetime. She loved people; molded and mentored them to achieve higher than they could have ever expected for themselves. Even now that she has passed, the guidance she gave those around her work/home/hair salon/everywhere else will shine and affect countless others until the end of time.

Linda Sue Livergood Spencer
Born to lead an extraordinary life
Walked on this earth with one mission
to be an extension of God’s goodness.