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Inspire Monday

Today in America we celebrate the birth of a man who used his voice to represent those who were unable to speak, whose feet he gave to those who could not march and whose platform he dedicated to spread love and nonviolence. Today, we celebrate the life of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, GA.

Such an influential spokesperson that even to this day his words still ring true and bring inspiration to all. Wherever you land on the political  spectrum, whether you are a GEN-Z, Millennial, Get-X, Baby Boomer, or Traditionalist, and whether you consider yourself an activist or not his words will continue to drive all of our souls to love, to doing the right thing, to standing for truth, and to put our hope in the infinite God.

As we remember the Reverend’s life let these 5 powerful quotes remind us of our purpose and our duty to our country (whether you are in America or anywhere else in the world) and our fellow men.

May this video inspire us to not be silent to truth, love, and kindness. I Have A Dream

As always, thank you for joining me on this journey. May your Monday be well and your week wonderful.

with much love,