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What I Learned from Groot

Just finished watching Avengers: Infinity War with the family at CGV Cinemas in Buena Park, CA (shameless plug). The movie runs for 2 hours and 40 minutes but has you hooked just 5 minutes in. This blog won’t go into any details that will spoil the movie but I wanted to share something we can take from the movie and put into our work life.

One thing I love about team superhero movies such as the Avengers is that it shows each members’ strengths and weaknesses and that no role is insignificant when it comes to achieving the team’s ultimate goal.

I mentor a lot of young professionals and something I often hear them say is that they feel their position is going nowhere and that their role is not really important to the overall success of the company. I can can definitely relate to that sentiment, however, I always tell them that if a position does not contribute anything meaningful to the company, they wouldn’t create that position in the first place. Whether you realize this or not, your presence in important.


One of my favorite characters in Avengers: Infinity War is Groot. As part of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, and now what we would consider a “teenager,” you would think, at first glance, that his role is not important at all, until his strength and skills became the important piece to finish a project. The one thing I love about his character is that he never felt insignificant. He knew his role and understood that his role was not quite needed yet, but he made sure that he was aware of what was happening with his team and was ready the moment that he was needed.

Let Groot, who is part of a big team, be a reminder that there are no small roles in any team. Do not be weary and anxious but be observant and do what you can to make the load easier for the team.


We may not be Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther or Thor but that does not mean we are less important. Always remember: our skills and expertise play a part in achieving the vision of the team or company that we are a part of.

Happy Monday and thank you for the visit and the read.