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Quotes to Help Start Your Week

After a great weekend, it’s always difficult to motivate ourselves on a Monday. But as I’ve learned lately, if we want to be successful we should find ways to be excited everyday. When we allow ourselves to enjoy the weekend and the rest it gives us we should feel happy, rejuvenated, and excited for Mondays; after all it’s a day where we can push the restart button and have a fresh start.

I’ve chosen 5 quotes in the hopes that they will help inspire us for the next 5 days.

Love your work1. Falling in love with your work does not mean putting all your time at work. It means to be present and always aspire to do things excellently.


Steve Jobs

2. Don’t settle for just any job. Find what you are passionate about and do a great job. Remember, whatever position you are in right now is where you are currently meant to shine the brightest. Make the most out of it and prepare yourself for the next level.


No one ever made a difference3. As mentioned in my last blog, following the current trends is not always the way to go. In order to make a difference one must be different.


Be Grateful

4. Enjoy each day and be grateful always. Nothing can and will be done if you worry about things that are out of your control.

Be Open5. Keep your heart and mind ready for whatever comes your way during the next season of your career and always celebrate the process.

Wishing you well and that this week will be wonderful!

happy reading,
Cicelle your happy blogger in Cali 🙂


Happy Wife/Blessed Mum/Career Stylist/Healthy Living Advocate/Sojourner/Speaker. Mantra: Life is a journey: travel light, enjoy the ride and take snapshots of it.

2 thoughts on “Quotes to Help Start Your Week

  1. NO. 2- so true! At the end of every school year at Proverbsville School, I always self rate on a scale of 1-10. Modesty aside and by God’s grace, I’d always rate myself “10” because I always give my 100% passion and dedication. That’s been the case for the past 21 years.

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