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Monday Reflections

For many of us (myself included) last week’s political events were emotional to say the least, that goes for both the red and the blue team. Throughout the week, emotions have elevated as people (but especially Americans) remember the rhetoric regarding race, religion, women’s rights, and many others.

This blog is by no means ignoring the sentiments and concerns of the majority, but let us not forget to celebrate the beautiful things that happened the past week. Some are historically significant and others will simply make us all smile.


  1. There are now 6 minority women in the Senate
  2. Starbucks released not 1 but 13 Christmas cup designs, all of which are delightful
  3. The Cubs broke their 108 year curse, winning their first World Series since 1908
  4. The Mannequin Challenge, while popping up in October, is still going strong and not giving us any chance for productivity
  5. Prince Harry stood up for his sweetheart

Life can be unpredictable, but sometimes it also gives us simple moments that can make it so, so beautiful and we should celebrate them more.

Let’s start today, happy Monday.


Happy Wife/Blessed Mum/Career Stylist/Healthy Living Advocate/Sojourner/Speaker. Mantra: Life is a journey: travel light, enjoy the ride and take snapshots of it.

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