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Tres Chic


Supersonique, magnifique, tres tres cool et tres tres chic

People dress to impress and to make bold statements. Sometimes, due to not-so-happy situations, we choose to wear clothes that show…well…exactly that. Outfits that have “I’M HAVING A HORRIBLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” written all over.

There will be days when you feel like staying in bed but since you have to get up, you’ll pick out whatever is comfiest with absolutely no concern for aesthetics. Hard as it may be, those days when you feel like wearing pajamas all day should be the days you intentionally dress the opposite of your mood.

It’s easy to brush off matters of fashion as vain and inconsequential but how we handle our situations can be influenced by what we physically see. So instead of feeding the funky mood, give yourself the opportunity to work through it so you can continue to make your difference in the world.

However you’re feeling have a HAPPY MONDAY and…


Happy Wife/Blessed Mum/Career Stylist/Healthy Living Advocate/Sojourner/Speaker. Mantra: Life is a journey: travel light, enjoy the ride and take snapshots of it.

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