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California Girl

Two years ago, my husband Steve and I decided to pack our entire life (including our daughter and dog) and move out West. Having spent practically most of my life in the East Coast I thought the most west I’ll ever live is Tampa but here we are!

Two jobs and dozens of gyms later, we’re finally settling in the southern part of California and I can now consider myself a California Girl.

10 Things I Love About California:

  1. Food
  2. Weather
  3. Fashion
  4. Parks
  5. Malls
  6. Outdoor Activities
  7. People
  8. Food
  9. Food
  10. Food

Did…did I say food? Because food is, without a doubt, the first thing I loved about this place.

New York is my home, Tampa was a stopgap, and LA is my adventure. I’m excited to see where this life will take us next!



Happy Wife/Blessed Mum/Career Stylist/Healthy Living Advocate/Sojourner/Speaker. Mantra: Life is a journey: travel light, enjoy the ride and take snapshots of it.

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